September in room 204

Well we are tucked in here among the changing colored trees, (early this year) in fact we have learned the names of many of the surrounding trees, as well as the science behind the change in color. Room 204 is a busy place, one that finds us reading and writing and learning new vocabulary. We are learning vocabulary for our reading and for science, for social studies and for math. So many words, so many meanings. Ask your Kids what Fibonacci is and how it is involved in math and nature. Ask your kids what the commutative property of multiplication is so that they can explain, that by moving the factors in a multiplication equation, they are using the commutative property: ex. 6x5 = 5x6 and they both equal 30. 
Please make sure that your Child is reading for 20 minutes a night or that you are reading with them each night. The more they read, the better and stronger they become at both reading and writing. 
I am having a great time up here with your Kids. It is going to be HOT this week, so dress for it, our little nest is hot even on cooler days.  Bring a reusable water bottle and a hearty healthy snack. Until later, 


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