We face a new week, the first full week of Autumn, the last week of September, and we look forward. I look forward to the promise of cooling temperatures as last week had us all melting in the 95+ temps inside our classrooms. We escaped to the air-conditioned wing and did some of our studies in the cooler hallways, and we were offered very kindly, Ms. Ashford's classroom while her students were at their specials. So we found hours in the day in which to be cooler than our classroom would allow. We are grateful for that. During the afternoon recess time, I brought out the hose and faucet key and we enjoyed the cold water cooling us down en masse. Squeals of pure delight sounded and echoed off the hot brick of the building. If for only those moments under the water's respite, we cooled down.
We are headed for another one or two days of heat, but less so one hopes,  and again, by Wednesday, we are to experience 'September weather' again. Hooray. 
We are moving forward in all ways now, fully immersed in the schedule and the expectations and rigor of third grade. I am very proud of these Kiddos.


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