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Holidays in 204

The Kids in room 204 had a wonderful Halloween! The Kids were able to express their inner-monster, football hero, space phenom, cats, and a myriad of other personas captured for the day. We enjoyed the neighborhood parade and the party in our classroom, which included some great games and activities and snacks. Thank you wonderful Parents for providing us such a joyous time.

As we all know, once Halloween is behind us, the fall and winter holidays tumble at us in warp-speed. Throughout the month of November, your Kids are learning about the lives and cultures of many Native groups. One day, as the Kids know, I look for a time in our country,  when we don't have to set aside a month to acknowledge a culture or 'people' but we are not there as of yet. I love the awareness through discovery that occurs when the Students begin to use research. We have been using, KID REX, a search engine for Kids, in order to find facts through history and voices from the past.…